The energy of "worry."

May 12, 2014

Are you a worrier?   If they gave out advanced degrees in worrying, would you have a PhD?   Do you equate worrying about someone with caring about them?


Let's examine the energy of "worry" for a moment.   Every emotion carries with it an energy, a certain vibration.   High vibrational emotions are love, joy and gratitude.   Lower resonating emotions are fear, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety and worry.  Worry lowers your vibration, and makes you feel helpless.   It can also set you up for dis-ease.   Worrying about someone also sends that lower vibration energy to them!  It contributes to keeping everyone stuck in low vibrating and disempowered energies and cannot provide the results you desire.


A more helpful vibration is to envision a perfect outcome for all involved.   Show unconditional love and surround yourself and the other person, or situation, with light and love. 


There will always be events and circumstances in your life over which you have no control.   You can't prevent negative things from happening to your or others, but how you react to them determines the quality of your life.


So start with baby steps.   Replace worry with joy for 10 minutes today and increase the time daily.   You can do it!

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